2022: r to l - Sentencia PI with her 2020 son Carbonero WC and her 2019 son Jazzistico WC

Rico MHF showing in: Dressage, Halter and Western Pleasure


Suzanne Fisher D.V.M.

Paola, Kansas



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Rico playing rejonador/bullfighting horse all on his own without a rider . . .

Just doing what comes naturally!

". . . This most noble beast is the most beautiful

the swiftest and of the highest courage of domesticated animals.

His long mane and tail adorn and beautify him.

He is of fiery temperament, but good tempered, obedient,

docile and well-mannered."

‚ÄčThe Spanish horse is the noblest horse in the world,

the most beautiful that can be. . .

the lovingest and gentlest,

and the fittest of all for a King on his day of triumph.

The Duke of NewCastle

Broodmares with foals expected yearly from Rico:

Left: Mirame ORO

(Indiano XVIII x Felena II)

Black Revised 15.2

See her page for more photos

Right:Sentencia PI

(Revoltoso XXIX x Urrea)

Imported Buckskin Revised 16h

See her page for more photos

Rico winning his National Championship in Reining


Revised and Approved in the Spanish stud Book

Registered with IALHA

Approved Spanish-Norman Sire

15.3 Hands - Birth date 2000

Black, aaEe, carries the rare chestnut gene

with no white markings

National Champion in Reining.

Many blues in Western Pleasure

Rico is no longer

standing to outside mares

Sire: National Champion Navarre GF

Dam: Marciana V - full Guardiola mare

Several Offspring are Champions and

Successful in the Show ring and

Producing quality offspring

Offspring available

Foals all inscribed with the

Spanish Stud book and IALHA

Discounts with in-utero purchases

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National champion black revised P.R.E. stallion
Rico MHF

Proudly Presents

Quality p.r.e. Andalusian horses with champion bloodlines, athletic movement, willing temperaments and majestic beauty in rare colors

2022 herd l to r: Sentencia PI/Carbonero WC/Mirame ORO/Jazzistico WC

LIfe of a Breeder

A trainer can go worldwide looking for horses to complete the show string
A breeder must create a show string at home. They must decide on each breeding, be there for each birth, worry about each cough, enjoy each great moment, endure each disappointment, and celebrate each victory.

Breeders cannot just go get another one, they have to make another one, wait a year to see what will happen, try to do this again year after year after year, learn patience, learn bloodlines, learn crosses, learn to stick with their gut and vision, and learn to persevere.

BUT, we also know that in life, there is no greater reward than walking into a stable and knowing that each stall contains a unique example of your work, and hopes and dreams. And to make all perfect, they love you back, and nicker when they hear your voice.

This is the life of a breeder.

 - Carol Steppe -

Each Rico foal a Treasure

Aerial photo of the 40 acres of Walnut Creek Ranch

Walnut Creek Ranch.