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Quality p.r.e. Andalusian horses with champion bloodlines, athletic movement, willing temperaments and majestic beauty in rare colors

Photos at left are of Mirame's linebred great-grandfather

Centella V, the Guardiola Champion of Spain.

Here I am with Mirame's sire, Indiano XVIII

What an honor and privilege it was

to bask in his majestic presence!

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Indiano XVIII

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Images here of Mirame were

taken in 2014 at age 13

Photos with Spanish cut taken

at age 5

Extended pedigree below

Movement video can be seen on youtube under her name.


15.2 hands, DOB 2001

Indiano XVIII x Felena II

Homozygous black with no white markings

Half Guardiolabloodlines

Revised and Approved with Stud Book of Spain

IALHA registered