Elegant with her sibling's correct conformation, she also shares the same exceptional bloodlines and movement.
Inscription with ANCCE codigo #7240151808EU125 and registration with IALHA # 19568(S)
 She has an incredible trot as Indiano seems to pass it down the generations.
  She is DNA color tested as black, carrying both the red and dun1 gene and will not gray. aaEend1/nd2gg
 You can see her full brothers on this testimonial sold page under Fogoso WC and Valeroso WC and as well as her full sister Prieta

Humoso WC  SOLD!

(Tuno PM x Sentencia PI)

DOB April 30th, 2014

Rare Smoky Black stud colt

Unique and rare colored stud colt with exceptional bloodlines, conformation, movement and temperament. Both sire and dam were imported and both over 16 hands so he should mature 16+. Sire is the imported Tuno PM who is a Carmello II direct son, bred by Paco Marti  Dam is from Pique Angel and a direct daughter of Revoltoso XXIX (dam's photos on this website under the mare section and pictures of her sire, Humoso's maternal grandsire, are at the bottom of the dam's page) so this colt's grandparents are the best two Paco Marti stallions. His maternal granddam was branded from the Military stud and has Lebrijano III, Gorron, Agente and Maluso within 4 generations. He is DNA confirmed smokey black that will NOT gray with primitive dun markings in a beautiful iridescent mink chocolate color

Congratulations to Joan Davis of New Hampshire!

 Vivaz WC   SOLD!
Solid black PRE filly
Rico MHF x Novena TCV (by Maestro)
 April 16th, 2008
This filly is huge! She was 15.2 hands as a long yearling, 15.3 at 2 and should mature easily over 16 hands. Solid black with no white markings. She has been DNA tested homozygous black (aaEE). This filly has lovely ground-covering movement with beautiful, flat extensions and a light front end. Her height, bloodlines and movement make her an excellent candidate for the dressage ring or the broodmare shed. She is quite vivacious, which is where she got her name. She has a long head with expressive eyes and the very desirable, slight sub-convex profile. Upright conformation. Sweet and spunky temperament and she has her sire's strong hind end.
Triple registered. ANCCE carta in-hand as well as PRE. Mundial carta and IALHA papers.
Bloodlines include several American and Spanish Champions: Navarre GF, Ladina, Teodoro, Marciano II, Dejado, Maestro and Genil. She is 1/4 Guardiola, 1/4 Terry and 1/2 Escalera.
Great broodmare and dressage prospect.
See her full sisters below: Magia WC, Emiliana WC and Destinada WC.

Her full sister Magia WC, just won a blue ribbon and best movement medal her first time shown.

Congratulations to Anna Forre-Covers of Colorado!

Sombra WC  SOLD!
 Homozygous Black PRE filly
(Rico MHF X Golosa AP)
April 10, 2010
Very nice baroque, compact and athletic filly.
Triple registered with ANCCE 7240151002EU350, Mundial and IALHA, cartas and papers in-hand.
DNA color tested homozygous black. She will NOT gray. No white markings. She's a big girl, already 15 hands as an early 2 year old she should reach close to 16 hands.
Very "round" in build, friendly personality, correct conformation and nice movement. An excellent all-around filly that will be able to perform in any direction.
Champion pedigree with rare Guardiola blood.

Congratulations to Alexie Boyce of Texas!

Bailarina WC  SOLD!
Rico MHF x Golosa AP(by Dejado)
Born May 2008
This filly is incredibly athletic. Superb leg elevation and hock engagement, she achieves very nice flat extensions also. She is sweet, mellow, friendly and curious. She will stay black. She has been DNA tested black and is also carrying the rare and elusive chestnut gene (aaEe). She is very baroque and round, round, round! Lovely head with a very classic hard-to-find mild sub-convex profile. Her conformation is almost flawless with a gorgeous head and neck. This filly is just put together right! 15 hands
Triple registered. Bailarina is now revised and approved by ANCCE for breeding.
Bloodlines include several American and Spanish Champions: Navarre GF, Ladina, Teodoro, Marciano II, Dejado, Recluta and Bilbiano III. She is 1/4 Guardiola.
Great broodmare, show and athletic prospect.
Full siblings to: Sombra WC, Lucida WC, Carisma WC and Fantasma WC, Chaparroan WC and Tesora WC

Congratulations to Hanne and Johan Van Hove of Colorado!

Rubi WC  SOLD!
2 year old Rare and Stunning Chestnut PRE filly
(Rico MHF X Hilandera XVIII)
April 20, 2010
Superb filly in every way!
Triple registered with ANCCE 7240151002EU403, Munidal and IALHA and cartas and papers are in-hand.
DNA color tested the rare chestnut Aaee. She will NOT gray. Small crescent star. 14.3 as an early 2 year old, should mature around 15.2-15.3 hands.
Tremendous movement with an overstride, in-your-pocket personality, gorgeous conformation, Champion pedigree with rare Guardiola blood.

She has "IT"

Congratulations to the Hoehn family of Kansas!


(Rico x Hilandera XVIII)

2004 Black stud colt

Congratulaitons to Al Martinez of California

Encanto is now happily back with his original owner Al!


Below Encanto is 3 yeas old on the left and  is 6 years old on the right, and being offered for sale by Renaissance Equestrian Center
Here is what Alexandria had to say about him:
Encanto has just recently started dressage training, and is going to be an incredible competition horse. He has been ridden English and Western, and truly is capable of being successful in any discipline. His trot work is a pleasure to sit. I am taking Encanto to his first Dressage show in September if he is not sold by then. I recently started leg yeilds and shoulder in, Encanto is extremely talented and is learning the lateral work with ease! This horse with the correct training could easily be an upper level horse. I have been buying lottery tickets ever since I meet him. I would buy this horse in a heart beat. Last month Encanto was booked for 5 breedings in the same week. He was bred 5 days in a row, the day he returned I rode him with 2 mares and he was perfect. He did not even nicker at the mares, he worked as if he had not been bred all season. Encanto has no stallion vices, he is quiet and a gentleman his stall, I walk him all over the training center with no stud chain around mares. As calm and quiet as Encanto is, my favorite thing about him is that you can still spice him up under saddle while working in the dressage court and then take him on a trail ride and he is the well mannered horse that makes riding out on the trail a pleasure. Encanto is very forward and moves off the leg easily. Encanto is not spooky and is very easy to handle. The owner is only selling this horse because he has too many stallions. I have never seen a stallion this nice for sale in the US.

Fogoso WC  SOLD!
Black PRE stud colt
Rico MHF x Mirame ORO (by Indiano XVIII)
Born April 11, 2009
This colt's exceptional bloodlines, conformation, movement, look-at-me attitude, quick intelligence and beauty make him a superb individual for the show ring or the breeding shed.
He has 2 perfectly matched back pastern socks and will be a stunning black. DNA tested aaEe, he also carries that rare chestnut gene from his sire.
His illustrious Champion pedigree includes both Navarre GF and Indiano XVIII as his grandsires.
He is half Guardiola, a rare and treasured athletic Spanish breeding program that is hard to find here in the US and Spain. His Guardiola bloodlines include 2 crosses to the Guardiola Champion of Spain Centella V as well as Marciano II.
Indiano XVIII was also Champion of Spain as well as Mexico and the US and Navarre GF was Champion in the US and this colt's sire Rico MHF was also a US Champion. This colt's pedigree overflows with renowned Champions making him a perfect future cross with any quality mare.
He has tremendous brio mixed with intelligence and willingness to please, that will make him shine in the show ring.
Beautiful long straight head, gorgeous well-set neck and close coupled, he also works off his hocks extremely well, elevating his front end easily even at this young age. His movement shows extreme impulsion, extension with actual overstride at the trot and great lift. Check out those extremely strong and robust hindquarters he got from his sire that you rarely see in this breed. .
This colt really does have it all!

Congratulations to Jennifer Larkin of Missouri!
Good luck with Fogoso in the dressage arena!

**Note: Fogoso won several of his first dressage training show classes with scores in the mid 60's and mid 70's

and is now scoring in the 70's in recognized shows. Already at second level after being under saddle only 2 years.

He's off to a wonderful start with a bright future ahead!

Note from Jennifer  1/2012


I want to thank you for all you have done and taught me. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I'm lucky to have

found such a talented person to buy my first Andalusian. Gus and Rubi; they are truly amazing!

You've done such a great job!

See Rico's past foals, siblings to horses for sale, and see how some have grown up and what they've accomplished with their new owners

Carmen WC      SOLD!
 Rare and Stunning Chestnut dun1 PRE filly
(Rico MHF X Hilandera XVIII)
April 12, 2013

Superb filly in every way!
Triple registered with ANCCE, IALHA and PRE Mundial and all paperwork in-hand. ANCCE codigo 7240151304EU200.
DNA color tested the rare chestnut Aaee. She will NOT gray. In addition, she is also homozygous for the newly discovered dun1 gene, tested as nd1/nd1 which means she will pass it on to every offspring Crescent star with unusual feathering. Gorgeous flaxen tail with dark  dun dorsal stripe running through it.
She is a huge mare and as a 3 year old she is already over 16 hands. Ready to start under saddle or breed.
She is the last of this exceptional cross since her dam is no longer with us. Good extensions with an exceptional canter that is hard to find in  this breed. Lovely movement, in-your-pocket personality, gorgeous conformation, Champion pedigree with rare Guardiola blood.

Congratulations to Jay Johnston of Quebec!

Extremely rare dun1 palomino P.R.E. stud colt
(Rico MHF x Sentencia PI)
DOB March 28, 2018Type your paragraph here.

Congratulations to Fernando A. Leon H.

I am so proud you choose 2 of Walnut Creek's exceptional offspring to Export to the Dominican Republic!!

Black  filly, no white, carries red gene and nd1
(Rico MHF x Mirame ORO)
DOB April 17th, 2018

Extremely rare dun1 palomino P.R.E. filly
(Rico MHF x Sentencia PI)
DOB March 30, 2017

Sentencia did it again! Another premier palomino filly.  
 Like her sisters, this filly is everything a breeder dreams of producing. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she has a presence about her that stops you in your tracks. There is a reason I gave her the name that means "Goddess" in Spanish!
Very sweet in temperament, she still built so strongly and correctly, that she stops people in their tracks
No white markings except a small star, she is a rich shimmering gold with sooty highlights. Dorada has been color tested aaeeCrnggnd1/nd1. That means every foal she produces will carry this new gene that shows primitive marking stripes. It probably makes her one of the strikingly few P.R.E. horses in the world with this color combination. Should mature at 16 hands.  Pictures and words cannot capture her...you have to experience her in person. Champion renown bloodlines, 1/4 Guardiola and 1/4 Military, her pedigree reads like a whos-who of P.R.E. horses. Dam is daughter of the famous Paco Marti Revoltoso XXIX and bred by Pique Angel and her sire is a Champion son of the famous Champion black stallion Navarre GF. With close to perfect conformation, it is all wrapped in a golden package.
Show quality, Superb bloodlines for breeding potential for excellence, Build, Movement and Temperament for a talented riding partner.  Color is just icing on the cake!
It doesn't get any better than this

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Morrison of Arizona!

Sangria WC    SOLD!

(Rico MHF x Hilandera XVIII)

DOB May 2011

Another rare gorgeous chestnut P.R.E. filly

DNA color tested Aaee, she can produce any color your breeding program wants.

Champion bloodlines and carrying the much sought after Guardiola athleticism, she can perform in any discipline. Like her full siblings, Escarlata WC, Rubi WC, Encanto WC, Chistoso WC, and Carmen WC, this match has always produced a gorgeous, talented, successful and high quality P.R.E. offspring

Congratulations to Hanne Van Hove-Vanneck of Colorado

on her purchase of a second Rico filly!

Walnut Creek Ranch.

Sol WC is vry strongly built, he is all guy but he still has his sisters' correct conformation, gorgeous color, champion bloodlines, excellent movement and a lot of brio.  Sol was also the biggest foal I have raised in 20 years of breeding P.R.E. horses. He was born huge...44" (11 hands). He is already stick measured at 14.3 hands at only 13 months of age.   Tremendous bone and muscle can be seen even at this young age.
 Sol has champion renown bloodlines, 1/4 Guardiola and 1/4 Military, his pedigree has  famous and respected  P.R.E. horses and breeders. His imported dam is daughter of the famous Paco Marti Revoltoso XXIX and bred by Pique Angel who owned his maternal granddam, a military branded mare. His sire is a Champion son of the famous Champion black stallion Navarre GF out of National Champions Teodoro and the fabulous imported Ladina.
With close to perfect conformation, it is all wrapped in a golden package.
ANCCE inscription codigo #7240151808EU141  and  IALHA registration #19569(S)
Color DNA on file as AaeeCrcrnd1/nd1gg
It is extremely rare to find a palomino P.R.E. colt, let alone one with such stellar bloodlines and such high quality. This guy is destined for the show ring, the breeding shed and should be the gold star and cornerstone of someone's breeding program. He is truly the Golden Child!

Chistoso WCSOLD!
Bay PRE stud colt
(Rico MHF x Hilandera XVIII)
April 1, 2007
This is an eye-catching colt. Should mature easily to at least 15.3 hands. He was 15 hands at 16 months of age. He is a bright blood bay with very dark black points like his dam. You don't find this lighter bay in the P.R.E. very often. Carries the black gene from his sire. DNA color tested AaEE (no chestnut gene) No white markings. Straight, long head with a beautiful eye and an elegant neck with a clean throatlatch. As with all Rico foals, he also has his sire's stong hind end.
Registered/Inscribed with ANCCE of Spain, P.R.E. Carta in-hand. Codigo#7240150701EU099
Also registered with IALHA and PRE Mundial registries.
Flashy with tons of brio, but sweet, friendly and easy-going. Very good temperament for a stallion. Great mover with a light front end.

Congratulations to Rhea Terdal of Oklahoma!
10/2010 email from Rhea:
"Suzy, you were a great person to buy my first stallion from.  You have been a wonderful source of information when I needed help with registrations and paperwork.  The colt I bought from you has the most tender personality.  He is loving and gentle with a strong regard for people.  EVERY trainer that has worked with him has been impressed with how quickly he learns and how easily he handles stressful situations.  Chistoso is maturing into the most wonderful show horse and a faithful friend.  I am delighted every day that I was given the chance to own such a wonderful animal.  Thank you."
2/2011 email from Rhea:
"Today, after working my other 1/2 Andalusians in the round pen at home I went to visit Chi.   There were two youth riders working their ponies in the indoor arena and a yearling filly in the round pen.  I asked the owner of the yearling if I could use the round pen and she happily moved the filly.  Chi quietly walked through the kids riding into the pen where we worked for 1/2 an hour.  The kids were riding around the pen, there was a tractor brought into the arena area, the young girl started lunging the yearling filly....in other words, no end to the distractions yet Chi paid attention to me at all times.  He seemed happy to see me and just wanted me to enjoy being with him.  After working with him we returned to his stall, took off all his tack and replaced his blankets while he was untied the whole time.  He really loves to be handled by me.  When we were done and I was packing up, the young girl with the yearling approached me and said, "If Kevin hadn't taken me in the stall last week and proved to me your horse is a stallion, I would never have believed it.  He is SO well mannered!"
So MY horse is AWESOME, he is the star of the barn, everyone that meets him loves him and I have YOU to thank for this!!!
Thanks again Suzy for trusting me to raise this fabulous horse!  He has become the joy of our lives, both Erik and I are very appreciative of his wonderful manners and behavior.  We know many horses and know that what we enjoy most about this horse is due to his breeding.  YOU make AWESOME horses at Walnut Creek Andalusians!!!  Thank YOU!

Your horse breeding program stands alone as one of the best I have ever purchased a horse from!!!  As you know, this isn't my first horse.  He is however the best one I have ever owned and he isn't even 4!  Everyone loves him!!!  Truly special and I feel luck to own him"

NEWS!!!! Congratulations to Chistoso WC and Rhea for winning 4 Championships in driving and a Reserve Championship in halter
at the AAALSHA National Show  the first time he was ever shown and at only 3 years old!

Escarlata WCSOLD!
(Rico MHF x Hilandera XVIII)
April 6, 2006
PRE yearling rare chestnut filly.. Her color is a super bonus but she is incredibly elegant, correct and calm with lovely movement. Long Andalusian head with that very desirable slight sub-convex profile. She is a bright copper red!. Just breath-taking in person.
Spanish Cria and IALHA registered
DNA color tested aaee.

Congratulations to Roxy Montana

of El Rancho Antigua in Hollister, California!

7/16/2008 email from Roxy:
" I get several calls a month from people who say that they still kick themselves often for not having purchased Escarlata, your "RED mare" (Rico x Hilandera XVIII), as everyone has come to call her. They want to know if I would consider selling her. My response is a hard-lined, "No way! I would have to look far and wide to replace her, but her offspring MAY be for sale in the future. I am fortunate to have her own me!" This mare is stunningly BEAUTIFUL, Suzy. Sometimes she makes goose-bumps on me!  When I have visitors come to my ranch to see my horses, they are floored by her balanced confirmation and remark, "Oh,my, when she matures in a year or two, years, she is going to be the one to beat". Then when they see her move ... I love to watch their expressions -  she really has stride, Suzy! Her extension is some of the best I have ever seen. Now all I need is consistency in the show arena and you had better believe that we are working on it! The bottom line is that this is truly a remarkable mare - a testament to her fine breeding - yours - and I will strive to be as good. I cannot thank you enough for the pride and joy of ownership of such a special pure Andalusian horse. "

(Rico MHF x Golosa AP)
2003 gray colt
Fantastic temperament, nice Andalusian head, very elegant neck,

and has his sire's short back and big, strong croup/rear. Straight movement.
Very laid back and mellow, loves people

Congratulations to Jerry & Bonnie Williams of Manhattan, Kansas!
11/18/05 email excerpt from Taz's new owners:
"Jerry and all our horses spent the summer at the Parelli Ranch in Pagosa Springs , CO studying in their University program. Jerry is working on becoming a Parelli Instructor. One of the things they worked on was colt starting so it was perfect for him to have Taz there. On Taz's 8th ride they went on a trail ride in the mountains where he swam through a pond, jumped over logs & creeks and traversed some pretty rugged country. On his 12th ride he rounded up cattle on him. Taz has been such a delight and Jerry is anxious for him to grow up a bit so he can use him more and more.
Taz quickly became a ranch favorite (even though there are hundreds of horses on the ranch At the end of the summer Jerry did, in fact, become a Parelli instructor and was asked by Pat & Linda Parelli to join the faculty at the Study Centers. As a result, he is in Ocala , Florida from Oct-April and back to Colorado from May-Sept. teaching horsemanship to others. Taz, of course, as he develops will become Jerry's demonstration horse and will probably be a celebrity in short order as he has so much personality and is full of play! Everyone who sees Taz wants to know what kind of horse he is and thinks he is very neat! I think Jerry is planning on taking Taz at some point to a Reining Clinic with world champion reiner Craig Johnson.
Needless to say, we absolutely love Taz as does everyone who comes in contact with him and he is in a situation where his many talents and abilities can be developed and showcased. We will keep you posted on our little "superstar"! "

Rare Smoky black dun1 P.R.E. filly carrying red
(Rico MHF x Sentencia PI)
DOB April 2, 2016

Velada (Eve) is another stunning colored correct filly. Photos were taken at a young age and you can see how strong and robust she is. Her wonderful conformation shows even at this age, and she is one of the biggest foals I've had born here over the years. Her father Rico MHF, a son of Navarre GF, is a National Champion with several more National Champions in his lineage. Her dam, Sentencia PI, was imported from the well-known breeder Pique Angel, and is a daughter of the very famous Revoltoso XXIX out of a branded Military mare with excellent lines herself. 1/4 Guardiola and 1/4 Military with some Escalera thrown in, she is a combination of some of the best working lines and beauty known in Spain.
Eve has been DNA tested aaEeCrNnd1/nd1gg.  She is a smoky black (a black that carries the creme gene), she carries a chestnut gene, she is homozygous for the newly discovered nd1, or non-diluted dun gene, so she will pass her primitive markings to every offspring, and she will not gray.

Congratulations to Vikki Souto of British Columbia!

August 6, 2017 email
Hello Suzy!
I know you probably longing for news on all your babies, so I thought I'd send you a quick update! Valeroso is doing fabulous and he's so much fun! Once the local fair is over, I will start some more extensive ground work with him. He picks up things so easy though and is really a joy to work with! Even my farrier is impressed by him and how well he's standing to get his feet trimmed. He also took a few trips to the vet, and same there - my vet is so impressed (as well as grateful!) that he's so well behaved! Overall, he's a handsome and joyful guy to have around!!
Hugs from us both!

Black dun1 stud colt, no white
(Rico MHF x Mirame ORO)
DOB May 25, 2016

Valeroso is a high quality black stud colt with some of the very best bloodlines you can find in U.S.
His two grandsires are the famous Indiano XVIII and Navarre GF (both who are now deceased). Dam lines are full Guardiola with his maternal granddam being linebred to the Guardiola Champion of Spain, Centella V and his paternal Guardiola granddam a close descendent of Marciano II. So, he is also half Guardiola. He has numerous Champions on his pedigree. His sire is a National Champion in Reining, Navarre GF was a two-time National Champion out of the two National Champions Teodoro and the Champion grand mare Ladina, a treasure in the U.S.  Indiano XVIII is well known as one the best P.R.E. horses of our time and he proved it by being the Champion of Spain, Champion of Mexico and a U.S. Champion. It has been shown that his offspring and grandget almost always inherit his incomparable movement.
You just won't find better bloodlines than this colt.
Inscription with ANCCE #7240151606EU423 and registered with IALHA.
He is black with no white marking and will not gray. DNA color testing shows homozygous black and homozygous dun1 gene. aaEEggnd1/nd1 which means he will pass on this newly discovered dun1 gene to all his offspring. Both sire and dam are non-fading blacks with no white.
This quality colt is destined for the show ring and the breeding shed.

Congratulations to Marie Pescatore of Colorado!

March 16, 2017 email
Hi Suzy:      
    Just wanted you to know what fantansic horses you bred in Carmen and Dorada. I’m riding Carmen with a hackamore already! She’s so smart! Never say a word, it’s all connection between horse and  rider.   She feels what you want through the seat a light leg movements. She just started training two months ago. How far can she go? Skies the limit!! ☺ It makes me smile. Dorada is doing amazing in her ground work and she loves me. She’s my little girl!      
Regards and Best Wishes,  Jay

Quality p.r.e. Andalusian horses with champion bloodlines, athletic movement, willing temperaments and majestic beauty in rare colors

Extremely rare dun1 palomino P.R.E. filly
(Rico MHF x Sentencia PI)
DOB March 30, 2015

This filly is everything a breeder dreams of producing. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she has a presence about her that stops you in your tracks.
Very sweet in temperament, she still has a brio that makes her strut around the pasture like a super model.
No white markings except a small star, she is a rich shimmering gold with sooty highlights. Dorada has been color tested AaeeCrnggnd1/nd1. That means every foal she produces will carry this new gene that shows primitive marking stripes. It probably makes her one of the strikingly few P.R.E. horses in the world with this color combination. Should mature at 16 hands, she is strongly built and moves like a dream.
Pictures and words cannot capture her...you have to experience her in person. Champion renown bloodlines, 1/4 Guardiola and 1/4 Military, her pedigree reads like a whos-who of P.R.E. horses. With close to perfect conformation, it is all wrapped in a golden package. Just like her half brother Humoso, she also has a striped dun factor to top it off
ANCCE codigo 7240151505EU540               IALHA 17443(S)
Show quality, Breeding potential for excellence, Build, Movement and Temperament for a talented riding partner.
It doesn't get any better than this.

Congratulations to Jay Johnston of Quebec!

Domino WC   SOLD!
2005 registered half-Andalusian Rico son
16.1 black and white pinto gelding. Flashy socks with ermines.

Dominio has an unbelievable suspended animated regular trot where it seems like he just hangs in the air. Huge floating extensions. Long swinging walk. Very loose shoulder. Tremendous impulsion. Smooth, balanced canter.
This guy can move!
He has it all, size, superb movement, wonderful sweet temperament and gorgeous color.
He looks and moves like a warmblood, but has the lightness, softness and willingness of an Andalusian.
***Domino won a second place and a top 5
National Grand Champion 2 and under colts
at the 2005 Nationals at only 6 months of age against all older colts!***
***At Dominio's first dressage show under saddle, Leslie told me he won both his classes with scores in the mid-60's,
allowing him to move up a level after one show and fulfilling the potential we both knew he had!
I'm so proud of both of them***

Congratulations to Leslie Lehmann of New York!
Good luck with your future FEI competitions

 4/15/2009 note from Leslie:
"Dear Suzy,
I want to thank you for your patience, kindness & understanding throughout our purchase . You are truly an extrordinary professional,
with the highest standard of ethics. Domino is doing well! Nancy said it was a seamless transition.
Will keep in touch as he progresses.
Kind regards, Leslie


(Rico MHF x Golosa)
April 5, 2007
Elegant gray filly with lovely movement and wonderful hock engagement
Spanish Cria and IALHA registered

Congratulations to Linda Richards of Utah

(Rico MHF x Novena TCV)
PRE homozygous black filly.
March 7, 2007
Born a big 42" at birth, she is very big boned, indicating she will be over 16 hands.

She has a long Andalusian head with that very desirable slight sub-convex profile.

Carries herself lightly in the front end, she is showing lofty movement.

Very sweet, inquisitive and friendly.
No white markings, she will stay solid black.
Spanish Cria and IALHA registered

Congratulations to Linda Clark of Texas!

(Rico MHF x Novena TCV)
PRE Black filly from my wonderful set of twins Just about 5 white hairs on her forehead.

Very sweet, laid back, quiet temperament with her mother's excellent movement.
Congratulations to Micki Schrimsher of New Mexico!

(Rico MHF X Golosa AP)
 2006 gray P.R.E. filly

Congratulations to Mary and Steven Brown of Missouri
on their second purchase of a Rico filly
what a wonderful Valentine's Day present for Mary!

Regalo WC  SOLD!
Gray stud colt
(Rico MHF X Golosa AP)
March 25, 2011
This little guy is very round and baroque like all these crosses have been. Great mild sub-convex head.
See his full siblings to see how he'll grow up: Sombra WC,Bailarina WC, Tesora WC, Lucida WC,

Chaparroan WC, Fantasma WC, Carisma WC

Congratulations to Connie Clemmons of Missouri!

(Rico x Golosa AP)
2004 gray colt (photo at 2 years of age)
excellent all around prospect - very classic conformation
should mature around 15-15.1 hands

Congratulations to Al Martinez of California!