Zena has now been started under saddle.

She has had several rides and shown no resistance at all, stays quiet and willing. Already walk, trot, & canter under rider control, lunging well and maintaining very nice frame, relaxation and suspension under saddle. She has also now been on several trail rides in a state park. Crosses anything, no spook, very willing to lead, surefooted and steadfast. She is going to make someone a great trail partner. 

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Purchase an in-utero Rico foal and receive 10-15% off the weanling price!

You can reserve your choice of mare, color and sex of foal with a deposit.

(Pay balance only if foal born meets your specifications.

Deposit and any payments will be returned if foal born is not the color or sex you reserved or not born live and healthy)

Quality p.r.e. Andalusian horses with champion bloodlines, athletic movement, willing temperaments and majestic beauty in rare colors

Here is Zena in her first parade with Rico by her side.

Had not ridden her or Rico for 2 months and at the last minute, loaded them up and took them to a 6 mile parade. My niece rode her for the first time at the parade. Huge crowds, many new experiences and she handled it like a pro. What a mare!

3 Photos below are of Guerrera at age 4 with her Spanish cut for revision

Black dun1 stud colt, no white
(Rico MHF x Mirame ORO)

DOB May 25, 2016

SOLD!  Under Contract

Full sibling expected in 2017

Valeroso is a high quality black stud colt with some of the very best bloodlines you can find in U.S.

His two grandsires are the famous Indiano XVIII and Navarre GF (both who are now deceased). Dam lines are full Guardiola with his maternal granddam being linebred to the Guardiola Champion of Spain, Centella V and his paternal Guardiola granddam a close descendent of Marciano II. So, he is also half Guardiola. He has numerous Champions on his pedigree. His sire is a National Champion in Reining, Navarre GF was a two-time National Champion out of the two National Champions Teodoro and the Champion grand mare Ladina, a treasure in the U.S.  Indiano XVIII is well known as one the best P.R.E. horses of our time and he proved it by being the Champion of Spain, Champion of Mexico and a U.S. Champion. It has been shown that his offspring and grandget almost always inherit his incomparable movement.

Valeroso also has a FULL sibling over 16 hands that has already been successful in the dressage ring even at his young age. 

You just won't find better bloodlines than this colt.

Inscription with ANCCE #7240151606EU423 and registered with IALHA.

He is black with no white marking and will not gray. DNA color testing shows homozygous black and homozygous dun1 gene. aaEEggnd1/nd1 which means he will pass on this newly discovered dun1 gene to all his offspring. Both sire and dam are non-fading blacks with no white.

This quality colt is destined for the show ring and the breeding shed.

Guerrera WC

Revised Black P.R.E. Mare

(Feudal VIII x Mirame ORO by Indiano XVIII)

DOB April 2007 - Height 15.2 hands

This quality mare was to be my next premier broodmare.

Sadly, after trying several times to get her pregnant, we had her chromosomes tested and found out that she has only one sex chromosome.

She will always be infertile. So my extreme breeding loss, will be a lucky someone's dressage dream horse. I am a breeder, so "Zena" is offered for sale. This mare has the tremendous movement of her dam, who inherited it from Indiano XVIII. Her movement is so good, that I had a couple offers to buy her when she was a youngster, but I turned them down thinking she was to be a valuable broodmare. Watch her movement videos on youtube under her name. One video is from fall of 2014 at 7 years old and the other one is when she was 4. You will see her incredible extensions, lightness in her front end. strong impulsion and drive from her hind end powerhouse.  Foaled in 2007, she was started under saddle late while trying to get her pregnant. She was trained to drive when young, thus she has the potential to be a fantastic CDE prospect. With her incredible natural movement,  I can see her in the show ring in 6 months to a year with the right trainer/owner.  Although her movement would make her an excellent FEI prospect, since she is not over 16 hands most likely she would not be competitive. However, at 15.2, she is the perfect height for an amateur and very deep through the chest, so long rider legs should look fine with her. She is priced at $13,000 which is less than a comparable P.R.E. black gelding, and it is rare to find a purebred of her quality and movement even offered for sale, let alone black. In addition, since she does not cycle, you will not have to deal with any marish issues on her. Except for her missing X chromosome, she is a healthy, well-adjusted mare and has never been lame or ill. She is triple registered and was revised/approved for breeding by ANCCE, and although that is not a factor now that we know she is infertile, it does show she passed all studbook requirements. Because she is registered in all 3 registries, you can also show her in any venue you wish to pursue.

For someone who does not want to breed, but wants a companion and a show horse, this mare is a golden opportunity. Fantastic movement, a stellar champion pedigree, gorgeous and black  with a double extreme mane, laid-back temperament and priced to sell, you won't find another one like her on the market for this price.You can see her dam on this website under mares and you can see her sire and his information here:


Photos below taken fall of 2014....I could post hundreds of photos of this mare as her movement is always exceptional

Walnut Creek Ranch.